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License No. : 24/00164
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PROGRAMChiangmai Night Safari


Chiang Mai Night Safari (7.00 pm. - 9.15 pm.)

Pick up at 6.00 pm - 6.30pm.

Chiang Mai Night Safari is far from city about 10 km.The Safari offers a series of trails over three main zones.The Jaguar Trail offers visitors a walk of around 1,200meters and is open during the day and at night. The Savanna Safari and Predator Prowl areas use rail cars to move visitors around. This is the ideal opportunity to observe wildlife at night.

The park has three animal zones: the Jaguar Trail, which we chose to walk, the Savanna Safari Zone, where animals from the African savanna can be seen close-up at night from a 60-seater electric tram-or mini-train as it purrs past the more than 300 herbivores (not the back-packing vegetarians that haunt Chiangmai's restaurants) or plant eating animals, such as Giraffes, Gorals, Wildebeests, Rhinoceroses, yaks and many others.

The Predator Prowl Zone, which has no connection whatsoever with Chiangmai's Night Bazaar, is the carnivorous animal zone where the hairs on the back of your neck tend to rise. As your tram carries you, in total safety, within yards of some of the world's most ferocious creatures you can't help but feel the power, majesty and grace of such animals as lions, tigers, Asiatic Black bears, crocodiles, African hunting dogs, and the elegant impala.


Price 1,000 THB/person


*Minimum 2 person




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