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License No. : 24/00164

PROGRAMHome Industries


Morning  8.30 am. - 12.30.pm.

Afternoon 1.30 pm. - 5.00 pm.


We pick up you from hotel and drive only 10 minutes we will arrive handicraft village. Visit the famous Thai Northern Handicraft .Where there are many manufactory of umbrella making and Saa Paper products, Wood Carving, Silverware, Lacquerware, also jewelry factory.


Lacquerware: Lacquerware is in ancient art form of decorating wooden objects with many layers of black lacquer provides a combination of beauty and practicality.



Celadon: the finest of Thai ceramics, Celadon with its soft green and blue tones, has long been produced in the North. The blending of local clays and wood ash to make the glazed has been passed along from one generation to another for centuries.




Silk and Textiles: Chiangmai produces some of the finest silk. Sankampeang Road is home to several shops where you can select ready-made garments or arrange for custom tailoring. Hand-woven and ethnic textile designs are also offered.



Wood Carving: Skilled craftsmen expert in the carving of fine teakwood in reliefs and in statuary as well as beautiful carved teak wood furniture are a feature of Sankampaeng that you don't want to miss. A wide range of hand crafted souvenirs is also available




Umbrella Making: Borsang, on Sankampeang Road, has been the traditional center of Chiangmai's famous umbrella and fan making. Here the hand painted wares made of delicate Sa paper are available in more designs than ever before.



Silverware: Silversmithing in Chiangmai began centuries ago along Wualai Road. Many of the silver makers are on the Sankampaeng Rd. Traditional items such as trays, bowls, boxes, and much more are made.


Sa Paper Products: This ingenious of the eco friendly product was developed by the northern Thai people of old. Using soft science, Borsang Villagers transformed the bark of the mulberry tree into a textured paper. Sa Paper production are very popular for several reasons. The production does not pollute the environment, each finished piece has an individual handmade look and the cost is very low. SA Paper products made great gifts for family and friends.




Price 400 THB (Join Group)


     2 pax

  3-4 Pax

     5-6 Pax

  7 Pax up





* Price is per person (THB)







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