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License No. : 24/00164
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PROGRAMPatara Elephant Farm

 Patara Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai ( 7.30 am. ? 4 pm.) 



Join us for a unique "elephant owner/trainer for a day".This personalized program will give you great experience to know and do as what one of an elephant owner would have to know. and  You will learn how to hike, track and approach your elephants in the bush. Unchain the elephant, walk, feed it, bathe and brush your elephant in the river. Then you will be trained to ride on its neck using many different techniques with spoken commands for the elephant before set out on a long bare-back adventure ride to a temple, village or waterfall where you can swim with elephant. Training is held at a beautiful mountain range in Hang Dong Valley. 30 minutes South of ChiangMai. ( All are welcome, including children and those with disabilities)


Itinerary :

07.30 AM. -Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Patara Elephant Farm.

08.15 AM. -Arrive at the farm. Make registration. Get change to our training outfit. Prepare for training.

08.30 AM. -Training session includes, hiking to find the elephant in the bush. Learn about elephant farm management and our breeding program. Train to approach and be near elephant. Learn to observe elephant temperament. Introducing to every of our elephants. Morning feed. Daily health care for elephant. Pregnancy test for elephant and care taking for mother with small baby. Train to unchain and walk your elephant to the river. Learn about elephant skin care and bath your elephant in the river. Instructed training to get on the elephant neck with difference technique, sitting on the elephant, basic riding skill and spoken commands for elephant Practice on getting upon and coming down from the elephant.

10.00 AM. -Bare-back riding session. Practice on easy riding trip within the farm and a short trip to visit local temple. Learn about elephant the Buddhism and the believe of the Thais people relate to elephant.

11.00 AM. - setting of for a long up hill trip to visit waterfall for picnic lunch and refreshing in the water with your elephant.

14.00 PM. -Elephant riding trip back to the farm for evening feed.

15.00 PM. -Farewell and photo taking with your elephants.

16.00 PM. -Transfer back to your hotel.


- Free Transportation

- Traditional picnic lunch

- Payment by cash. You will own one of our elephants for a day!! Learn to care for ride your elephant bare-back, to love and understand it. DVD photo and VCD clips of your training is available outfits are provided.

What to bring:

- T-shirt

- Long pants, extra cloths, swimming suit

- Sandals or slippers, sun block lotion, insect spray


Price(THB)    5,800/Person

* Payment by cash


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More Information please contact:
E-Mail: merry_travel@hotmail.com  Whatsapp: +66 81 287 6559  Line ID: ae6559

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